Jean Dufaux

  • Double masque

    Jean Dufaux

    Paris, 1801. Napoléon Bonaparte, le Premier Consul, s'est fait dérober un objet de valeur par une femme. Un seul homme est capable de le retrouver. C'est un voleur de métier. On l'appelle La Torpille. Napoléon lui propose un marché : soit il met la main sur ce mystérieux objet, soit il retourne au bagne. Pour La Torpille, le choix est vite fait...
    Afin de mener à bien sa mission, il fréquente des gens peu fréquentables. L'un d'eux, un homme au visage masqué, n'est autre que le nouveau roi de la pègre parisienne. On le surnomme La Fourmi. Quels secrets cache-t-il derrière son masque ? Quels sont ses liens avec le Premier Consul ? Des bas-fonds aux lieux de pouvoir, de la fange des faubourgs aux ors des palais, Double Masque entraîne le lecteur de l'autre côté du miroir, entre réel et imaginaire.
    Sur les traces de Dumas et d'Eugène Sue, dans la lignée de Rocambole et des mémoires de Vidocq, Jean Dufaux et Martin Jamar se glissent dans les replis de l'Histoire pour donner naissance à un thriller haletant, inspiré de faits authentiques.
    L'Histoire ne ressemble pas toujours à celle que nous avons apprise à l'école...

  • Dans L'Onde Septimus, la menace d'un engin extraterrestre, baptisé Orpheus, avait été déjouée grâce au sacrifice d'Olrik. Depuis, le " colonel " vit reclus dans un asile psychiatrique. Tandis que Philip Mortimer tente de ramener à la raison son vieil adversaire, en usant de la célèbre formule du sheik Abdel Razek (" Par Horus, demeure ! "), il apprend qu'il existe un autre Orpheus. A bord d'un cargo transformé en laboratoire secret, Mortimer découvre cette l'étrange pilote de cette machine venue d'ailleurs : un alien à forme humaine, sombre et hiératique, auquel les scientifiques ont donné le nom de " Moloch ", la divinité biblique.
    Mais les réactions de ce Moloch, et les hiéroglyphes qu'il laisse derrière lui comme autant de messages indéchiffrables, font craindre le pire. Cette fois encore, la capitale britannique est en danger. A moins qu'Olrik ne joue de nouveau les héros...Avec L'Onde Septimus 2, Jean Dufaux conjugue science-fiction, aventure et folie en un bel hommage à l'oeuvre de Jacobs, relayé par le trait évocateur et précis du travail à quatre mains de Christian Cailleaux et Etienne Schréder, qui mettent en scène un Londres éternel digne de La Marque Jaune.

  • Voici un nouvel album dans la collection "Les classiques de la BD belge", regroupant les cinq premières aventures du héros dessiné par Bruno Di Sano, sur des scénarios de Jean Dufaux. Chaque exemplaires et signé et numéroté.

    Sur commande
  • Somewhere deep in the blood-stained desert, Jessica Blandy awakes to find herself held by force in a Mexican bordello. It will take all of Jessie's strength and resilience to escape and bring those responsible to justice, even if it means taking things into her own hands. Under the fierce single eye of Floyd the eagle, the girl from Ipanema goes walking... on a path that will lead her to new friends, old enemies, and revenge.

  • When Jessica accepted a friend's invitation to visit the California desert, she didn't expect to find darkness lurking under the blue skies and blinding sun. Violence, human trafficking, and corruption abound, and no one is quite what they seem. To get to the bottom of the injustice that reigns at the border-and help her old friend Gus Bomby find a missing boy-Jessica will have to face down the strange, brutal loner known as Hellbait, and hope to come out the other side in one piece.

  • The Drax contamination Karloff sustained in book 2 of the series continues to lie dormant in his body, while Medina battles mutants who threaten the city from the inside, and fends off ever-greater attacks to its exterior. The city's protective dome is at risk of total collapse. Kladia strikes off into the desert to find a better life, while Hadron, pregnant with Drax leader Boso 1's offspring, makes a bold decision that might alter the course of history...

  • Jessica Blandy hasn't been the same since her brush with death in the Florida Everglades. Back in San Francisco, she tries to drown her sorrows in whiskey and the kisses of a dark, handsome stranger... a saxophonist with sad eyes and a deep connection to Charlie Parker. But how much does she know about him, really? And what does he have to do with the women who keep disappearing from the club where he plays?

  • An essential question hovers over this second volume of the Medina saga: what separates the humans from their adversaries the Drax? Karloff finally comes face to face with Boso 1, who will accept nothing less than Hadron and his unborn child. The conservator and Karloff agree to a meeting at the site of Alice, the nuclear generator that first spawned the Drax arrival, to hash out the terms of an unprecedented agreement. Meanwhile, Hadron has strong opinions, but whose side is the fierce adolescent really on?

  • In the third installment of Renaud and Dufaux's classic thriller series, Jessica Blandy finds herself a prisoner in the Florida everglades-at the mercy of a pair of murderous brothers and caught up in a plot to make a man disappear. Do her captors plan to hold her for ransom, or do they have something else in mind? Set to the sounds of the swamp and the haunting voice of Jim Morrison, this might be Jessica's most dangerous adventure yet.

  • It's supposedly what everyone wants: fame and money. The American star-making machine never stops in its efforts to uncover new talent, because talent is what feeds it. Megan, a talent scout for Independent Art Productions, discovers Jude on stage while he's performing in a sex act. He may be star material: women want him and men want to be him. But before he can pursue stardom, he has to escape the clutches of his new girlfriend, the daughter of a Chinese gangster. Murders of convenience, empty sex, big bucks, bad driving, and some crazy tattoos-it's the 21st-century American Dream.

  • Who killed Scott Mitchell? To get to the truth about her lover's murder, Jessica Blandy will have to come face-to-face with the ghosts of his mysterious past. With the help of private eye Gus Bomby and the unsavory Robby-a police detective with a certain disregard for the rules-Jessie's hunt for answers turns up a string of grisly deaths, a photograph that shouldn't exist, and a name: Dr. Zack.

  • Waves crash on the beaches of California as Jessica Blandy wakes up in her lover's arms for the last time. A mysterious killer is stalking the streets of San Francisco with a chilling final message for his victims: remember Enola Gay. Sexy, strong-willed Jessie won't rest until she's found the truth, a quest for revenge that propels her into a world of thugs, mystics, and crooked cops in this classic thriller by Renaud & Dufaux.

  • In times of yore did a forbidden love arise between Valgar of Valta, son of Halgerr the Golden-Haired, and Astridr, daughter of Thorgerr, and to them a son was born, Gunnar. But Thorgerr was a mighty lord, and with his hundred warriors hunted the couple down, ensorcelling his daughter and banishing her husband. Now, to rescue his true love, Valgar must embark upon a long and perilous quest that will take him into the forest depths to meet the monster called Ogerth the Serpentine, and the far south to fight the beastly devourers alongside Skarperdinn. But Skarperdinn's wife has other plans...

  • What could be more moving than a reunion of childhood friends making peace after long enmity and tragic misunderstanding? Lucius Murena and the Emperor emerge from their long-awaited meeting with rekindled trust and affection. But in Nero's Rome, such victories are always fleeting. When a brutal murder attempt leaves Murena on the brink of death, his memory is erased by a family of patricians plotting to assassinate Nero with the help of the Emperor's own dear advisor, Seneca. The series, a dive into the intricate and deadly world of ancient Rome, is back with this tenth volume.

  • A real dive into the heart of 17th-century Paris, this story takes us into the daily life of Vincent de Paul, a devoted churchman, in search of the truth. Accompanied by young Antoine, Father Vincent travels the neighborhoods of the city, pleading his case with the richest of the rich and helping the poor. He takes in Manon, a 15-year-old orphan who is a victim of prostitution. Manon's story is connected to the disappearance of Jérôme, another person protected by the priest. Father Vincent takes it upon himself to shed some light on a cruel assassination and to reveal the truth behind a series of mysteries.

  • Paris, 1804. First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte is hours away from becoming Emperor of the French People. The Bee is about to change History and embrace his destiny, while the Ant makes a desperate attempt to change his. Enemies rush about with last-minute plans to eliminate the usurper, a Squirrel and a Stingray get chummy, the mysterious veiled woman finally speaks, the underworld prepares for some changes... and a mask is up for grabs.

  • All of France is in a tizzy as Napoleon's coronation as Emperor of the French People draws near, and the most pressing issues at court revolve around seating arrangements, optimal viewing of the ceremony and the Pope's traveling entourage. This isn't to say that scheming and shenanigans have taken a backseat, however: a heartbroken young lady seeks poisonous revenge, a redheaded Squirrel gets caught by an Ant, the sinister priest is back... and in the midst of all this, the two men with the masks finally decide to meet face to face.

  • As the hour of First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte's glory approaches, his paranoia intensifies and heads start to roll. More plotting, more backstabbing... A not-so-pretty young society lady is courted by an ambitious young man with dubious intentions; a sinister priest enters the scene; a man hangs in a jail cell; a young prostitute's fate is sealed; an aristocrat is wrongfully accused; and a mysterious pack of wolves roams the streets of Paris as History marches on, unstoppable.

  • England, last century. A castle: Blacktales. Every seven years its proprietor, the frightening Monsieur Noir, comes over to sign the new lease with his tenant. In Blacktales, two unrelenting opposing clans fight a ferocious and cunning struggle over the possession of a pen: the lease contract can be signed only with this pen, the signature giving absolute power. Into this troubled atmosphere arrives the recently orphaned Fanny: the pen, missing for two years has been located. It is in the hands of the two creatures whose ruthless sadism terrorises all the inhabitants of the place...

  • Paris, 1803. A young dandy is dead. His conniving sister will follow shortly. The prostitutes at Madame Easter's establishment have been slaughtered. A high ranking politician is threatened by scandal. Murder, intrigue, blackmail and double-crossing... Missing love letters and a compromising accounting ledger... As the Stingray, a couple of heartless thugs, the Ant, and the Bee all scramble to recover the precious documents, the eternal mystery remains: what terrible secret lurks behind the mysterious masks? 

  • In this final volume of the first Dixie Road cycle, the Jones family is stuck at Silver Creek. Threatened by a deadly case of food poisoning, under siege by the workers' union, the camp is quickly coming undone. The same can be said of the Dixie family: violence breaks out all over and emotions escalate to a new high in this conclusive album.

  • In "The Ant," the plot thickens. The Stingray is put in charge of finding a prostitute named Opal and ends up in the vises of the Ant, the self-proclaimed ruler of the Paris underworld. On his search, the Stingray will encounter a slew of strange and fearsome characters. Some of them will help him on his quest, others will make his life that much harder. Dufaux and Jamar's inspiration remains the great French novelists of the 19th century - Dumas, Victor Hugo - who dared to plunge into the depths of the gritty Paris of their day.

  • The Joneses have finally managed to get away from the squalid Silver Creek squat, but unfortunately not Mr. Duchamp's hatred. The situation with the workers' strikes gets worse, and the formidable Ernest Pike is on the Jones's tail. The young Dixie Jones has already seen more than most her age, and her extraordinary experiences are certainly not over yet.

  • Paris, 1802. Bonaparte has just been proclaimed First Consul, provoking Fouché's departure from the Police headquarters. The two men are now both set on finding a certain object, stolen by a beautiful prostitute, which could change their destiny. Bonaparte calls on the services of François, a petty thief otherwise known as "The Torpedo," to recover the mysterious object.