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  • Anglais Murder on Location

    Cathy Pegau

    In the Alaska Territory, suffragette Charlotte Brody is a newspaper reporter in the frontier town of Cordova. She’s a woman ahead of her time living on the rugged edge of civilization--but right now the most dangerous element she faces may come from sunny California . . .
    An expedition has arrived in the frigid wilderness to shoot North to Fortune--an epic motion picture featuring authentic footage of majestic peaks, vast glaciers, homesteaders, and Alaska Natives. But the film’s fortunes begin to go south as a local Native group grows angry at how they’re portrayed in the movie, fights break out, and cast and crew are beset by accidents and assaults. Finally, production is halted when the inebriated director falls into a crevasse--and dies of exposure.
    Soon Michael Brody--the town coroner and Charlotte’s brother--starts to suspect that Mother Nature was not responsible for Stanley Welsh’s death. Charlotte, who’s been writing about all the Hollywood glamor, is suddenly covering a cold-blooded crime story--and as springtime storms keep the suspects snowed in, she has to make sure the truth doesn’t get buried . . .