• Anglais Mutations t.1

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    A general amnesty puts the Daltons back on the streets, something Lucky Luke isn't happy about. And, to make it worse, they seem to have become model citizens. It's all an act, though, and it doesn't take long for the stupidest quartet in the West to be back behind bars. Luke is already riding off into the sunset. But he's not counting on a riled-up Apache tribe that attacks the penitentiary where the Daltons are locked up.

  • Mortimer est amené au camp du général Li Hsi, seigneur de la guerre Chinois, où il retrouve un Nasir en bien mauvais état. Le professeur a été enlevé afin de récupérer les preuves archéologiques de l'ascendance impériale du général, mais aussi et surtout afin de réparer l'Aile Rouge, redoutable avion de combat involontairement livré par Olrik. Tandis que Blake le recherche fébrilement et s'active pour protéger Hong Kong, Mortimer s'évade pour tenter de trouver ce qui sauvera Nasir : une perle légendaire...

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  • London's walls resound with the incredible exploits of the «Yellow Mark.» The spectacular actions of this mysterious criminal are on the increase: holding up the Bank of England, robbing the imperial crown... No one seems able to stop him. He is so audacious that he lets the police know in advance where he will commit his crimes, each time ridiculing Scotland Yard a little more. The apparent ease with which he evades police schemes begins to worry the highest authorities of the country. The Home Office asks Captain Francis Blake to solve the mystery and discover the identity of the man who hides behind the Yellow Mark. The captain immediately takes as partner his old friend, Professor Philip Mortimer, whose scientific knowledge will be invaluable in solving this extremely complex enigma. Who hides behind the Yellow Mark?

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  • En Palombie, le président inaugure à grand frais un édifice colossal : un barrage sur le grand fleuve Huaytoonarro. Un évènement qui indiffère complètement le Marsupilami, qui a d'autres jaguars à fouetter. Mme Marsupilami a disparu, et l'odorat de notre ami lui indique clairement le coupable : Bring M. Backalive, le célèbre chasseur. Sarah et Bip ne tardent pas à se joindre au Marsu qui part aux trousses du kidnappeur - mais la situation se complique rapidement ...

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  • Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper arrive in Grass Town and make the acquaintance of Smith I, Emperor of the United States! A local rancher gone a bit looney after getting rich, he's given his cowboys fancy uniforms and replaced their Colts with sabres, and he believes he's the true ruler of the country. The citizens of Grass Town think he's great fun, write him letters in the names of European monarchs, and publish his harmless proclamations in the newspaper.
    But is he truly harmless ? And what will Luke do if something upsets the relationship between the Emperor and his not-so-loyal subjects ?

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  • The captain and the professor have finally made it to the secret base with the Swordfish blueprints, and construction has begun on the extraordinary machines. Olrik hasn't had his last word, though, and he is ready to take tremendous risks to locate the world's last bastion of resistance and freedom. A race against time is on between Imperial forces on one side and Mortimer's teams of engineers on the other... The fate of civilisation is at stake.

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  • It's been several months since the events of The Yellow M, but the evil of Professor Septimus still echoes around London. Important figures of the capital's jet set come together around the questionable values the mad scientist defended. Olrik is forced to resort to opium in order to forget he was guinea pig. As for Mortimer, he too is trying, albeit for more humanist reasons, to revive certain aspects of Septimus's work - to Blake's extreme concern...

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  • Fleeing the devastation of World War III, Blake, Mortimer and Nasir have been trying to reach a secret base with the blueprints for a new weapon, the Swordfish. But the forces of the Yellow Empire are hot on their trail, and soon Mortimer is captured. While Blake works tirelessly at coordinating the various resistance movements on the planet, the professor is forced to endure captivity, threats and torture from their eternal enemy, Olrik.

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  • 1944. England is still locked in a struggle to the death with Nazi Germany. But already a new threat looms among the peaks of the Himalayas. For now, though, Squadron Leader Blake, having saved London from a German prototype, is assigned to a top secret mission, during which he meets with an old friend he hasn't seen since India: Philip Mortimer. Soon, the pair are introduced to an officer working for Allied Intelligence: Colonel Olrik...

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  • Au XVIIème siècle, Jacques, jeune français orphelin, embarque clandestinement à bord d'un navire de pêche en partance pour les eaux islandaises. Bravant les dangers et la rudesse de la vie en mer, il n'a qu'un désir : aller en Islande, afin d'y trouver une explication aux mystérieuses visions qui le hantent depuis sa petite enfance, à sa capacité à parler, lire et écrire l'Islandais, et aussi aux évènements étranges qui se produisent parfois autour de lui.

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  • While trying to escape an avalanche triggered by the killers of the First Families, Ivan drowned. Though this is a less permanent problem that it used to be for the children, Ivan 'returned' far from his friends, in a small village in Brittany where he used to holiday with his parents. There he lives alone, preparing for the long trip back to Neo-Salem. Until the day Camille, now revealed as the Midnight Child, pays him a terrifying visit, and the nightmare begins ...

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  • Several months after their adventures in Antarctica, Blake and Mortimer are back in England. Still somewhat shaken after his ordeal, the professor is ordered by his doctor to get some rest. In typical Mortimer fashion, he decides to spend his holidays in Africa. looking for a lost civilisation! Accompanied by Nastasia Wardynska and an old flame of his, he begins tracking down a culture that is older than any ever recorded-but someone is dogging their every step.

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  • Spirou and Fantasio, swallowed by the raging waters of the river, find themselves in an unknown valley filled with very peculiar, and very dangerous, life. As they brace themselves to face a hostile nature long enough to find their way out, Fantasio contracts a deadly disease that turns him into a homicidal maniac. Spirou must now find a way to save him-and himself-and escape the deserted valley. If it really is deserted, that is...

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  • In Pennsylvania, Olrik escapes a federal prison by helicopter after a bloody attack. With Blake forced to cut short his holidays at the news, a disappointed Mortimer turns his attention to Greece, where an earthquake has uncovered an ancient chapel. Before long, people are trying to kill Mortimer over a mysterious Roman silver coin. Could the long-lost relic be one of the 30 denarii paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus? And who exactly covets it so much?

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  • Blake and Mortimer head to the United States to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the discovery of a 177-year-old body, which appears to have died very recently. The body is that of a Scottish major, Mortimer's forebear, who was leading a British military expedition to the US in 1777, where he was swallowed up by a strange multi-coloured light-beam shining down from the sky. Blake and Mortimer fight men in black armed with green-laser guns and soldiers emerging from the past in order to save the Earth from complete obliteration.

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  • Blake, Mortimer and Nasir are en route to Antarctica, hoping to locate Olrik and his Indian and KGB allies and to stop his attack on the Brussels Universal Exposition. Little do they know that their old adversary isn't the one in charge this time. In the frozen wasteland of the sixth continent, Mortimer will be reunited with an old acquaintance and solve the enigma of his younger days-at a terrible price.

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  • Zorglub, au fil des ans, est redevenu un ami de Champignac ; il n'est plus un adversaire acharné. Quand un beau matin il vient rendre visite au comte, c'est pourtant en employant sa redoutable zorglonde à embrouiller les cerveaux. Quinze jours plus tard, Spirou et Fantasio reçoivent un appel au secours de Champignac - il y aurait des monstres au village ! Et quand nos deux aventuriers arrivent en bordure de la commune, ils sont stoppés par un cordon sanitaire de l'armée ...

  • De retour dans le présent après leurs aventures dans le temps, Spirou et Fantasio tentent de reprendre le cours de leur vie. Mais le journal refuse de publier le compte-rendu de Fantasio sur leur incroyable voyage et il sombre dans la déprime. Jusqu'à ce que l'étrange et exaspérant Snuffeller réapparaisse, porteur d'un appel au secours d'Aurélien de Champignac, le descendant du comte. Un voyage vers le futur s'impose - mais quelles terribles découvertes attendent nos intrépides reporters ?

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  • A necklace that used to belong to Marie Antoinette, the last French queen before the French Revolution, turns up in the hands of a British collector who decides to present it to Queen Elizabeth. Blake and Mortimer's sworn enemy Olrik, about to be tried in Paris, manages to escape and steals the precious piece of jewellery in front of their very noses during a glittering reception in the French capital. The affair threatens to turn into a full-blown diplomatic incident, especially since Olrik is doing his best to embarrass Blake and Mortimer by tipping off the press about his every move.

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  • After the Marsupilami causes a series of disasters, Spirou and Fantasio finally resolve to bring the strange animal back to its birth place, Palombia. Unfortunately, it's a nation in turmoil they find upon their arrival. The military is all-powerful, rumours of impending war are growing and a ruthless tyrant has seized power. To counter the dictator's plans, the two adventurers' only weapon is the Count of Champignac's latest outrageous invention: a mushroom extract that makes metals go soft...

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  • When an unscrupulous shopkeeper settles a debt with Fantasio by offering him a mysterious 'gizmo', the reporter has no idea how much trouble is following in the thing's wake. It turns out to be a sort of robot that soon takes our heroes on a mad chase leading to Champignac - and an equally mysterious young woman sequestered in a cellar. And as if that wasn't enough, every electrical appliance in town seems to be going haywire...

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  • A plane carrying two Chinese government envoys goes down in the Palombian jungle. A crate is parachuted out just before the crash. It contains a baby panda, official gift of China to a neighbouring country. The young survivor is found and taken in by the Marsupilami's family, but they soon face a serious problem: their new charge only eats bamboo - the only local source of which lies inside the nearby native village...

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